South Austin murder victim's family still seeking answers

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Amanda Rodriguez says not a day goes by that she doesn't think of Guillermo Gomez. 

“He was a backbone for all of us,” she adds.

According to the Austin Police Department, 32-year-old Gomez was shot and killed in South Austin at Bainbridge Apartments in the early morning of June 23.

“Yesterday when it hit the 30-day mark I'm like wait a minute whoa it's 30 days,” Rodriguez said. “I feel like I've lost everything.”

As APD’s trying to determine if this homicide was random or not, his family says they're begging anyone with information to report it. 

Rodriguez is Gomez's sister-in-law.

“Brother in law is very, very distant, he was more like a brother to me, more like a best friend. He helped me get through a lot,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says Gomez leaves behind six kids, ranging in ages two to nine years old. She shared photos of them, one holding a note that says "I love your daddy and I miss you. I wish I could spend another day with you." 

Rodriguez says her own children, whom Gomez treated as if they were his own, feel his absence too.

“(They say) Mommy I miss him, I pray to Jesus I can see him,” she adds.

Rodriguez says Gomez didn't live at the apartment complex where his body was found. She doesn't know if he was picked up or was walking, but she's certain she won't give up on seeking justice.

Just last week she was handing out fliers just feet away from where police found his body.

“I've tried and looked online and see how I can cope, what's the natural thing,” Rodriguez said. 
“It's not one person in this world that can fix it. Or replace him. He was one of a kind. They’re going to counseling as well as my sister-in-law. They're going through a lot. And they're very young."

Rodriguez says she wants everyone to know if they have any information to please come forward.

“They can remain anonymous. If it was for their family they'd want the same, justice to be brought,” Rodriguez says.