Southeast Austin families will no longer be evicted from their homes

The Travis County Commissioners Court announced nearly 90 families currently living at a South Austin apartment complex will no longer be getting evicted

On Wednesday, residents met with the property managers to figure out what's next.

"I’ve been having sleepless nights, sir. While y’all been sleeping in y’all’s comfortable bed, I’ve been trying to figure out where I’m going to relocate my family," said one resident.

Dozens of residents flooded into the leasing office for the Rosemont at Oak Valley Apartments to demand answers. "How can we be sure that you guys want to fix that problem?" asked another concerned resident.

Wednesday, Partick Howard along with a handful of other property managers for the apartments held a meeting with their residents for the very first time since sending out eviction letters two weeks prior to discuss what’s next.

"We do have a plan to ensure that you have quality housing suitable to meet your family's needs during this interim period," said Howard.

The Travis County Commissioners Court is now working with the apartment complex to make sure no one gets evicted, but Howard says residents still need to relocate for a few months so they can get everything back up to par.

"We will be relocating those who have not identified places to relocate on their own to a temporary location in the immediate vicinity," said Howard.

Howard says residents will be put up in paid hotel-style rooms for about one to three months depending on the severity of each apartment. "We want to be able to sort of reduce any more anxiety that is warranted in terms of relocating and worrying about situations that may seem out of control," he said.

Residents say this should have been discussed before and are still frustrated with how they were treated by the management staff before.

"The way you guys try to solve the problem is unbelievable. You have very bad staff. They didn't respect us as human beings," said one resident.

Many residents said they paid July’s rent and want their money back. The property staff agreed to reimburse those residents.

"Our commitment to you is that we do this in a timely fashion, " said Howard.

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