Storms lead to isolated flooding and rescues

The driver of this car was rescued from Barton Creek at Fitzhugh Rd Thursday morning by Hays County first responders.

The water was too high to pull the car out and later in the afternoon emergency crews were sent again. That's because some residents drove up on the scene & didn't know the driver had already been rescued.

"We both saw this long that that look like a human it truly did but anyway we're good,” said Sue Munns.

In eastern Travis Co near Manor a driver was caught up in flood waters that swept over Bitting School Road. Rescue teams were able to walk the driver out. In Buda, a heavy downpour overwhelmed storm water drains. Secondary roadways in hays county were swamped by standing water.

A section of Lehman Rd in Kyle was one of several low water crossings that had to be closed off.  At a flooded intersection in Creedmore drivers splashed thru FM1625 under the SH 45 tollway.  Near the expressway overpass the driver of this car hydroplaned right into the grassy median. It was certainly a white knuckle ride that's all too familiar for Luke Milford who was dreading his drive into Austin

"Cars passed me and then I will start hydroplaning because they passed me so fast it is an issue but hopefully people can learn from it I've been in accidents myself and I've learned to drive a lot slower,” said Milford.

As the rain started to taper off the runoff continued to build. In Buda water rushed over a spillway in Bradfield Park. It poured into onion creek which struggled to keep all the water from the storms contained within its banks.