Stray cat finds home in black bear's enclosure at California zoo

The cat and bear are friends at Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary in California (FOX NEWS)

A stray cat wandered into a black bear’s enclosure at a California zoo and now the unlikely pair has become good pals.

Workers at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary are used to visitors warning them about a cat in an enclosure with a black bear named Sequoia but they aren’t that worried, Fox 13 reports.

The black kitty showed up at the Sanctuary a few months ago, KXTV reported Thursday.

“Every morning we scatter dog food for the bears and she started coming into the exhibit and eating the dog food,” zookeeper Jill Faust told the station. “Once she started coming in here on a regular basis we started putting food out for her in the morning as well.”

Faust said the unusual friendship has surprised everyone.

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