STUDY: Texas ranks among worst states to retire

WalletHub released a report for the best states to retire in the year 2020. The study compared the 50 states across a total of 47 key metrics, including the cost of living and health-care facilities. 

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Texas by the numbers

The data set ranges from adjusted cost of living to weather to quality of public hospitals (1=Best; 25=Avg.)

Texas ranked 17th overall with a score of 55.2. with an impressive finish at No. 3 in affordability.

Here's how some of the other numbers tallied up. 

  • 15th – Adjusted Cost of Living
  • 11th – Annual Cost of In-Home Services
  • 40th – WalletHub ‘Taxpayer’ Ranking
  • 43rd – Elderly-Friendly Labor Market
  • 48th – % of Population Aged 65 & Older
  • 28th – Property-Crime Rate
  • 29th – Life Expectancy
  • 45th – Health-Care Facilities per Capita

Here's where Texas ranked alongside 182 other cities.

San Antonio (54), Austin (55), Forth Worth (98), Plano (100),  Dallas (104), El Paso (112), Brownsville (116), Houston (118), Grand Prarie (126), Laredo (133), Lubbock (152), Garland (161).

Brownsville had the lowest adjusted cost of living for the cities at No. 1.

El Paso ranked second in the lowest annual cost of in-home services. 

Plano had the third-highest percentage for the 65 or older employed population. 

Read the entire report here