Sun Radio fundraises for Austin-area musicians

Sun Radio is tuning up to help out local artists. 

On Wednesday they held a fundraiser full of live local music, as they aimed to give back to the music community. 

"It gives musicians a chance to connect with the people again play live on the radio making people understand Austin is back," said Tomar Williams with the soul group Tomar and the FCs, who is one of the many artists helped by Sun Radio’s efforts to support local music. 

On Wednesday Williams performed at Guero’s Taco Bar on South Congress as part of the fundraiser, a cause which he said needs more like it in the Live Music Capitol of the World. "It means everything to these musicians to get back on stage and to showcase themselves again."

This fundraiser also marks 10 years of these types of fundraising concerts.

The money donated to the Sun Radio Foundation aims to help local artists by going directly to the artists. "Being in public spaces and live venues that is their bread and butter that’s how they live is playing gigs," said Sun Radio's music and marketing director Ben Bethea.

Bethea said he can hardly imagine the financial strain artists took during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last summer they helped pay electric bills for many of these artists. "We just want to help our local musicians it’s just the fabric of our community especially as a radio station we pride ourselves in live music and local artists."

With live music back, Sun Radio is looking to amp up this community and make music center stage in Austin once again.

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