Surfing therapy dog helping wounded warriors, kids with special needs

This Veteran’s Day weekend a special dog will be celebrated. Ricochet is a surfing therapy dog who helps wounded warriors, service members and veterans with PTSD. 

Ricochet has been a certified therapy dog and champion surf dog for over 10 years… in fact she became the first ever canine-assisted surf therapy and adaptive surfing dog in 2009. 


According to the American Humane Association she is a hero dog who has helped hundreds of people, including kids with special needs.  
Ricochet is part of the non-profit organization Puppy Prodigies in San Diego County. She and several other dogs have been providing assistance to people in many ways. 

According to the organization, Ricochet with the help of triple amputee Army veteran Jose Martinez and Marine veteran staff sergeant Persons B. Griffith IV (Griff), who suffers from PTSD, the three are on a mission to share their experiences and help save the lives of 22 veterans a day.  

"Ricochet is like a mirror for me, it's like she reaches in with both her paws, grabs what's really going on inside of me, pulls it out, and the forces me to deal with it", Griff said a statement.