Surveillance video shows armed intruders at a Travis County home

A Travis County man said three men forced their way into his home while he was inside. The crime was caught on camera. He's shared those images with Fox7.

Early Friday morning Thomas Sinsel says he was inside his Southeast Travis County home, when unbeknownst to him, intruders were on his porch.

A security camera recorded a man, with gun in hand, opening Sinsel's door. Then two more men followed behind.

Sinsel said the door chime alerted him to walk toward the entryway to check things out.

"They gave me commands holding the gun at my head. They gave me commands to do things. I was next to the security system. I started operating the security system. That didn't fit in their plans. They told me they were going to shoot me if I didn't comply,” said Sinsel.

Sinsel said while trying to trigger his security system to call police, one of the men attacked him.

"He takes his gun and he hits me in the face trying to get me away from the security system and I ran off into my bedroom. I got in there before they could grab me and I pushed the door,” he said.

Sinsel said he retrieved his gun and stayed inside his bedroom until he heard the door chime again signaling they had left.

He says the men took his daughter's new puppy and Cheetos.

He didn't get a good look at them because their skin was fully covered, along with their faces.

He believes he was targeted because of his interaction with a person prior to the incident.

"It's depressing,” he said.

A slight bruise is still visible on his face from where he says he was hit with the gun.

"I'm working. I've got to work for my money. These guys come in here with their stuff and they think they're going to get it. No. It's not going to happen like that,” said Sinsel.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office has classified the case as a burglary. They will not release any other details.