Suspect hospitalized following shooting with Houston police in Acres Homes

Authorities are piecing together what led up to a shooting involving a Houston police officer in Acres Homes, where a suspect was injured. 

Details are limited, but we're told it happened in the 700 block of West Mount Houston Rd. near I-45 just before 6 p.m. 

During a press conference with the Houston Police Department, officials say it started when a business owner came to the police station nearby to file a complaint about a man "who had been terrorizing the business owner and the customers of his establishment for some time, and he wanted him to be removed." 

The owner explained the unruly customer often hangs around a tireshop nearby and instills fear in the owner and customer there because he's known to carry a lot of firearms. 

Police say they called the tire shop and they confirmed the customer does in fact cause commotion and might even still be on the premises. So officials went out to the tire shop to arrest him for trespassing. 

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Arriving officers didn't find him initially, but after getting permission from the owners to look for him in the "packed" shop, they were able to find him hiding in an office in the shop. Police say they asked him to come out, but that's when they noticed at least two guns near him in reaching distance. 

That's when officials say the unidentified man "lunged" for one of the guns, and officers shot at him twice.

Shortly afterward, authorities were able to bring the man out of the office, where they tended to his injuries until emergency crews arrived and took him to the hospital. 

At last check, the man is said to be in serious, but stable condition. 


Additionally, authorities say they were able to find corroborating evidence on how he caused mischief and mayhem at the initial complainant's bar. He was not allowed at the premises, we're told, but officials say they were afraid of him.