Suspect indicted for murder of former Oklahoma football player

A Dallas County grand jury indicted Erick Garcia for the murder of former University of Oklahoma defensive tackle Du'Vonta Lampkin in downtown Dallas earlier this year.

According to the indictment, Garcia shot and killed Lampkin during an attempted robbery.

In May, Lampkin was shot and killed in an AirBNB on South Ervay Street where he was staying as his apartment was being prepared.

Family members said the 25-year-old former football player was in the process of moving back to Texas and was set to move into his new Dallas apartment the day after his murder.

Garcia is one of three people who have been arrested in connection to Lampkin's death.


The 24-year-old Garcia and 22-year-old Antwan Franklin were arrested in July.

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 31-year-old John Williams was arrested at a later date.


Dallas Police arrested 31-year-old John Williams in connection to Du'Vonta Lampkin's murder.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Franklin knew his friend, Lampkin, had money and set up a robbery. Franklin contacted Garcia and told him to recruit another person to assist with the robbery. 

Court documents state that Franklin was hanging out with Lampkin in the very early morning hours of May 5.

When Lampkin and Franklin returned to the building where Lampkin was staying, police said Franklin waved two men into the building while Lampkin wasn’t looking.

Investigators said Garcia and the unknown suspect hid in a stairway and waited until Lampkin got to his Airbnb.

Minutes later, video that has not been released reportedly showed Garcia running back towards the stairway with Lampkins’ bag "which was known to be full of money."

Police said Lampkin was found on the floor with a gunshot to his chest. 

Lampkin’s murder was featured in FOX 4 reporter Shaun Rabb’s Trackdown series.

All three men face capital murder charges.