Suspect killed in officer-involved shooting in San Marcos

One person is dead following an officer-involved shooting in San Marcos. The shooting took place during a traffic stop on Bishop Street around 10 p.m. on Friday, January 4, according to the San Marcos Police Department. 

Dispatch had received a call about a suspect shooting at a vehicle in the 100 block of South LBJ Drive. A responding officer than learned from a bystander that the suspect had got into a fleeing vehicle. 

Officers with the San Marcos Police Department located a vehicle matching this description traveling away from the downtown area on West Hopkins Street. The officers conducted a high-risk stop on that vehicle at the intersection of West Hopkins and Bishop Streets. 

Almost immediately upon the vehicle coming to a stop, the front passenger exited the vehicle and faced the two officers, according to police. The police officers began issuing verbal commands for the subject to keep his hands up. The man initially complied, but quickly lowered his hands.

As the man’s hands neared his waistband, he grasped what was shortly thereafter determined to be a pellet pistol manufactured to look identical to a semi-automatic handgun. Both officers simultaneously fired at the subject, and he was struck by the officers’ gunfire.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The deceased has been identified as 27-year-old John Richard Camacho of Canyon Lake, Texas. Camacho had an extensive criminal record including weapon related and violent offenses and was currently on parole, according to police.

An investigation into the officer-involved shooting will be conducted by the San Marcos Police Department Criminal Investigation Division and the Texas Rangers.