SWAT situation at hotel in The Domain

A SWAT situation has ended without incident at the La Quinta in The Domain. Austin police say a man told a hotel employee that he had a gun and that he was not leaving.

Police say it all started at around 5:30 a.m. They say a man entered the hotel and went to the restroom.

After some time a hotel employee asked the man to leave and that's when the man said that he had a gun and that he would shoot the employee.

The employee called police and when police arrived the man told police the same thing.

The bomb squad, SWAT, K9 and hostage negotiators were all on scene.

Officials say the hotel was not evacuated but guests were asked to stay in their rooms and guests were not allowed in when the situation was ongoing.

The situation ended at around 8 a.m. Police say they used chemical devices like pepper spray to end the standoff.