SXSW kicks off world premiere film "Us" and "Wall of Mexico"

The hottest ticket in SXSW had to be tonight's premieres of “Wall of Mexico and “Us.” The lines to see these movies were wrapped around the building and led several blocks down.

The film “Wall of Mexico” doesn't just display physical boundaries but emotional, spiritual and political boundaries as well. It depicts a wealthy Mexican American family attempting to stop their white neighbors from stealing water from their well.

Cast members say the film gives Latinas a chance to break free from Latin stereotypes and provides a different perspective to the border wall debate.

"I think there is a polarizing thing happening in our world in our country and I think that this film is a perverse comedy but I think it sheds light on what's happening I think it's absolutely necessary to see it from a different perspective and to understand it from both sides because I think that's what the film does," Marisol Sacramento, actress.
Midland native and now proud Austin resident Jackson Rathbone was happy to be featured at SXSW. "For me to have a film here for South by Southwest means a lot to me," Rathbone said. "There's a heavy subject matter but that's what makes it interesting.”

SXSW lucky ticket holders stood in line for hours as they awaited the cast of "Us" a thriller directed by Jordan Peele expected to get viewers at the edge of their seat and talking. 

"I want people to first and foremost have a good time get scared huddle with your friends shout at the screen I don't care I'm not there to be disturbed by that and then walk out and think have a conversation," Peele said.

The film depicts a family on vacation who gets terrorized by their doppelgangers - starring award winning actress Lupita Nyung’o. "I think it's a bold and risky story to tell and it's told in a very beautiful and engaging thrilling fashion." 

Lupita says there's plenty of surprises in store. "You'll see hahaha."

SXSW will be airing films until March 16th.



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