TABC increasing the number of undercover operations

With an increase in overly-intoxicated people in Austin, authorities are increasing the number of undercover operations.

According to Chris Porter with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission there has been an increase in the … “sell of alcohol to minors, sell of alcohol to people who are intoxicated, intoxicated employees at the bars and at the convenience stores in various places, also sales during the prohibited hours."

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission says most of their penalties follow a three strike system.  The first violation is a moderate fine, the second violation is a heavier fine, and a third case can end up being a suspension of the liquor license all together.

According to Porter, "the data definitely shows an increase in the violations that we're seeing and just the sheer amount of permits that have been issued across the state, we're up to a total of 43,000 now across Texas. That's a huge increase over the last few years.”

He goes on to say, “of course a lot of drinking happens on 6th street that's why most of the violations were found here.”

FOX 7 obtained the TABC violation list. There have  34 violations for 2015 in Austin alone.

Blind Pig, Peckerheads and Lit Lounge were given a warning for selling to an intoxicated person.

Lit Lounge, Darwin's Pub, and Recess Arcade Bar were given warnings for serving to a minor.

There are other bars, doing their best to stay in compliance.

According to Marianna Karvers , a Hostesss at Parkside "We ID everybody. It’s up to our discretion if we believe somebody has had too much alcohol then we won't give them anymore.  We can also ask people to leave if they are obviously intoxicated and getting out of control.  We have no problem doing that because we're just trying to keep a nice atmosphere inside for the rest of our guests."

Karvers says she has seen it all, especially when leaving work.

"It's an interesting contrast being completely sober around everybody who is so, so drunk. You know, usually it's reasonably tame but it's really, really obvious if people have been overserved by the end of the night.  You know, 2 am and there's girls passed out on the sidewalk or people can't even walk back to their cars.”