TABC reverses new guidelines, forces breweries to close patios again

Late Wednesday night, the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission reversed its previous guidelines that would have allowed breweries to reopen their patios for service. Texas breweries must now close their patios and, once again, go back to beer-to-go service only. 

The Texas Craft Brewers Guild sent out an email to all breweries to let them know the TABC was reversing its guidelines regarding patios. The email states new guidance from the TABC "claims that modifying a business premises as unlicensed does not exempt that business from Governor Abbott's executive order."

The Texas Craft Brewers goes on the say in the email that it is deeply troubled by the decision, claiming it was a lack of leadership, planning, and communication on the TABC's part. 

Under the change, breweriers are now forced to go back to beer-to-go only. 

Bryan Winsolw, the head brewer and co-founder at St. Elmo Brewing Company in South Austin, said reopening patios was supposed to be a lifeline for breweries. "If the current trend continues and we're forced to stay closed for the rest year, two thirds of the breweries in Texas will close."

Breweries are pushing a campaign to help these businesses alive called Save Texas Breweries.