Woman accused of providing drugs to Tarrant County Jail inmates arrested

Authorities have arrested an outside vendor employee at the Tarrant County Jail who is accused of providing drugs for inmates.

Aaliyah Lyles is facing drug charges and possession of a prohibited substance or item in a correctional Facility.

Lyles was arrested in August after an inmate was taken to JPS Hospital for what is believed to have been a narcotics overdose. The inmate survived.

After several interviews, investigators said it was found that an outside vendor, Lyles, brought the drugs into the jail.

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The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office also said this investigation led them to learn more about the death of 23-year-old Trelynn Wormley, who died at JPS Hospital on July 20.

Wormley had been in custody since January and his mother said he had a history of mental illness. 

Investigators said Wormley "may have taken an illegal narcotic that had been smuggled into the jail."