Taylor City Hall repairs continue months following winter storms

The devastation of the harsh winter storms in February still felt in the City of Taylor four months later, as City Hall continues to be repaired. "We estimate about half the building was damaged due to water damage during the winter storm," said Jeff Jenkins the Taylor, Deputy City Manager.

When the pipes froze and eventually burst in the building it caused extensive damage to both the walls and floors.  The city moved a lot of its operations to the auditorium as the repairs continue. "There is no impact to residence as far as services, we were able to move staff members around and find other offices and locations for them to work," said Jenkins.


The big issues for why repairs are taking so long for an event that happened months ago is due to a lack of supplies as well as contractors being booked across the state. "Because of this event being so widespread, businesses and organizations and even residents were in the same position so I just took a lot more time."

City Hall wasn’t the only city facility that got damaged during the storms. Their pool received about $60,000 worth of damage and was only recently fully repaired. "We worked hard to get through that and make sure that our facility got to open up in time for the start of the Memorial Day season."

The damage to City Hall is estimated at around $86,000, though these expenses will not impact taxpayers. "That’s the good news for residence is that it’s covered by our insurance."


Residents are still able to use City Hall services like paying utility bills either online or through their drive-through while repairs continue.

The city expects to open City Hall to the public in July shortly after repairs are completed.