Teen car thieves caught on camera

Two teens were caught on camera stealing a truck. Police want you to see the video.

On Friday March 20th, two teens are seen on video walking in and out of a Valero convenience store on Highway 290 in Elgin.

A little more than an hour later one of the teens can be seen walking beside a truck in the parking lot. Both teens then come back into frame, get inside the truck and drive off. The total clip is :34 seconds long.

Chief Chris Bratton says the truck owner had no idea.

"He walked out to get into his truck and it was gone," Bratton said.

Bratton says the man made a big mistake.

"Turned the car off, left the keys in the ignition, ran in to get something right quick and the young man just walked over looked in walked back to his buddy they both walked back and drove away," Bratton said. "And that's why we keep telling people take your keys, lock your car, hide the stuff that's in it."

Austin police located the truck the next day.

It was pretty easy for police to find the suspects too. The night before they stole the truck, the teens went to the same convenience store and walked around outside. Officers say the clerk got nervous and called police.

One of the officers drove them to what he thought was their home. An in-car camera was rolling the entire time. So, officers had plenty of face shots.

On Monday, the 15 and 16 year old were arrested at Manor High School where they are enrolled as students. Both were charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle which is a felony.

The lesson in all of this... you never know who could be watching you.

Even though the teens are underage, officers say, if convicted, the felony will stay on their record after they turn 18.