Teen speaks with FOX 26 from her hideout in Afghanistan, trying to get to her brother in Houston

There are thousands of Afghans with passports trying to escape the country, and we spoke with a teenager, from her hideout in Afghanistan, who is desperately trying to get to her brother in Houston.

Like the thousands who are trying to get out and on a plane in Kabul, a 13-year-old was among the crowd.

"When I went to the airport, the Taliban didn’t let me in," she said. 

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We aren’t disclosing her name for security reasons, but the teenager expressed the frustration of being trapped.

"All the people are just escaping from Afghanistan and they are just scared of the Taliban and you can’t do anything," she said. "In the past, we could go to schools and universities. Nowadays you can’t do anything. We are just scared from the Taliban. We can’t go out of our homes. We are just scared."

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About 8,000 miles away in Houston, her brother, Abdullah Hashimi, feels hopeless as he hears his family on the other side of the hourly phone calls.

"They were asking me to find a way to go out of this country," he said.

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Abdullah was an interpreter in Afghanistan working with the US government. That fact makes him and his family a target for the Taliban.

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"It’s a very tough situation. That’s why I am really scared," he said.

His sister said, "We are in danger. We can’t do anything. We want the world, all the countries in the world to help us. To help Afghan people."