Teens charged with aggravated robbery connected to another crime

Travis County Sheriff's deputies have arrested four teens accused of shooting another teen in the face, neck and back. The teens are now charged with aggravated robbery and investigators say they're also connected to another crime.

"This is something that was obviously thought out and executed according to plan and there were multiple victims involved."

Kristen Dark with the Travis County Sheriff's Office says her department is investigating two shootings that happened within minutes of one another.

"The first incident we dealt with on scene was January 27th 2018 and we received a report of shots fired and kids running through the neighborhood. When we got on scene three 17 year olds and a 16 year old had been detained on scene and had neighbors this was something that happened around 4:30 5 o'clock so the neighborhood was active it was a weekend and people were out of their homes."

Dark says Jesus Corrales, David Orion Dewy-Haagensen...And Samuel Steinfield were all arrested and charged with aggravated robbery, all of them, 17 years old. A juvenile was also arrested. According to the victim, one of the suspects contacted him on Snapchat and asked if he was home.

The suspects knocked on the victim's door, and demanded everything he had in the house.

"I can't think of a time where something like this has happened in Travis County definitely not with suspects this young."

The victim grabbed the shotgun, was shot in the neck, again in the shoulder, and when he ran away he was shot once more in the back. Dark says the gun was very close to the victim and if the ammunition wasn't made out of rubber then she thinks this robbery would have had a different outcome.

"The bottom line is we had a situation where a victim was robbed at gunpoint and was shot in the face, neck and back by a shotgun, he's lucky to be alive."

If this isn't shocking enough, months of forensic analysis and suspect interviews revealed a new connection Friday morning.

"Additional warrants for arrests of these individuals because the investigation has revealed that the incident that we investigated on Lancer Lane was not the only one that happened that day. There was actually an incident that happened several minutes earlier at a separate address in which they attempted to rob and actually shot at another victim and his shoulder was grazed in the incident."

This happening on Saratoga Drive about one mile away from each other.

"This is highly unusual and of course these are very serious charges. Aggravated robbery is a 1st degree felony and to have 17 year olds and a juvenile involved isn't something we're acustomed to seeing here in Travis County."

At last check Corrales was still in jail. The other two are not.

TCSO add, the suspects say they believed both victims had marijuana they were attempting to steal. Evidence also reveals the suspects discussed and planned the robberies days in advance by communicating on apps on their cell phones.