Texans rally at Capitol in support of Afghanistan

As chaos continues overseas, people gathered in Austin to fight for the rights of Afghans on Saturday.

"Afghan Unity of DFW" hosted a rally at the Capitol. They listed three demands: asking the U.S. to send more humanitarian aid overseas, to ensure that women in Afghanistan would retain rights despite the Taliban takeover and that more refugees from Afghanistan would be welcomed into the U.S.

"Afghanistan has been helping Americans for the last twenty years in the war against terror and now has been abandoned by the American military and the government," said Attia Rasul, co-organizer of the event.

Her family is from Afghanistan and she has watched from afar over the years.

"We’re here because we want that cycle to end, we want the Afghan people to have a peaceful country and we want justice for them," said Rasul.\

FOX7 spoke to two Afghans who had served as translators for the U.S. Army and were stuck in Afghanistan. One was able to make it to Austin recently but left family behind. The status of the other is unknown.

Saturday marked three days before the Aug. 31 deadline set by President Biden for withdrawing U.S. troops.

On Thursday, two suicide bombers and one gunman carried out an attack at Kabul’s airport, killing 13 U.S. servicemembers and approximately 170 civilians.

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