Texas A&M University makes preparations for George H.W. Bush's burial

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George H.W. Bush will be taken by train to College Station on Thursday, where he'll be laid to rest at his presidential library.

Texas A&M University is already preparing for Thursday’s events. There are several spots on campus already closed ahead of the services.

Special Air Mission 41 appeared on the College Station horizon Wednesday afternoon flying at 2000 feet. It made a bank over the crowd and headed toward the Bush Library where the former president will be buried. It banked again at that location and then headed in to Houston.

There were hundreds of people who filled the campus parking lot to witness the flyover. There was a mix of students, many of home weren’t alive when President George H.W. Bush was in office. But they knew his name and the impact he had on A&M and College Station.

The 41st president picked the location for his presidential library despite not having been a student there. But there were also plenty of parents in the crowd who brought young kids there hoping it could be a lesson about how to pay respects to a man who served his country for so many years.

“There’s so much about the way the country is paying its respects to a man who is so deserving of that level of respect,” said Keith Lane, an A&M alumnus.

“I just think it’s important to acknowledge the legacy of our past presidents,” said student Taryn Johnson. “And it’s kind of nice seeing all of the campus getting together and showing support for the Bush family.”

“Even though he wasn't a student here at Texas A&M, he really was an Aggie,” said student Kevin Knapick.

The campus is preparing for ceremonies in College Station on Thursday. Following the funeral service in Houston, the remains of former president H.W. Bush will arrive in College Station by train. He will then be buried in a private service alongside the graves of his late wife, Barbara, and daughter Robin at the Bush Library.