Texas family asking for help in search for runaway daughter

Thursday night, 14-year-old Zoe Cantu left her house. Her parents and family have not heard from her since. "It's not like her at all," her mom said. "She's not like this."

Zoe's parents said they got into an argument that night. They asked Zoe to give up her phone and she refused. Just over an hour later, she had packed a bag and headed to a car that had pulled up outside their house. 

Her dad Juan said she put a bag in the back seat and then got in the passenger side. Law enforcement says since she willingly got into the car, she's considered a runaway. 

Juan disagrees, saying his daughter is in danger no matter how she left. "A 14-year-old being away from home, not knowing who she's with, where she's at, being vulnerable - I think that's enough," he said.

Adding it is one of the most gut-wrenching feelings he's ever experienced. "If I’m driving down the street, I’m looking in the ditches, I'm looking everywhere," Juan said. "She’s a beautiful 14-year-old girl, anything can happen."

On Saturday, they said they got a little hope when they learned that Zoe had messaged one of her best friends saying she was in San Antonio. Her mom also says she messaged her boyfriend that she is "safe" and "okay". 

They say whether or not that is true, they still want her to come home. "Baby girl please come home... We're not mad at you at all.. Just come home please..."

If you have any information on Zoe’s whereabouts you're urged to contact her family or the police. 

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