Texas Latino Elected Officials endorse Clinton and Kaine

For the second time in a matter of months, vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine was back in Austin to accept the endorsement of the group Texas Latino Elected Officials. Many democrats believe the hispanic vote in Texas will help the state go democrat for president for the first time in 40 years.

"It's a decision that I think is easy to make if you just pay attention to the campaign that's been going on for quite some time," Senator Jose Rodriguez said.

"Donald Trump talks about 'making America great again' but what he is really doing is making America hate again and we don't want hate," Rep. Richard Pena Raymond, of Laredo, said.

Many feel Donald Trump's comments toward the hispanic community have pushed hispanic voters in Texas to vote blue.

"The latino community ends up being the difference maker in our races and that's the case in Virginia, Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico and all over the place. We have that respect because we know we are stronger together and we see the difference that our latino community makes," Kaine said.

It's a difference Austin city council member Greg Casar believes the nation will see on November 8th.

"Donald Trump has managed to insult every different kind of person and if we can't motivate people to vote because it's the right thing to do well you can also get motivated to vote because you think somebody has it out for you. I think it's clear Donald Trump is somebody that will spread policies that will hurt our community and I think that is accelerating more and more people to get registered to vote and to feel that their voice can really be heard even in Texas."

Jimmy Carter was the last democrat to win Texas back in 1976. The deadline to register for early voting is October 11th. Early voting begins on October 24th.