Texas launches webpage on COVID-19 cases at public schools statewide

Texas has released a webpage with the statewide number of cases of COVID-19 reported by public schools.

The Texas Department of State Health Services posted the data on the DSHS website on Thursday in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency.

The reported count of on-campus student cases of COVID-19 in the state’s public schools is 2,344 out of an estimated 1.1 million students who have been on campus for instruction or activities since the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. The total count of on-campus staff cases during the same period is 2,175.

Texas public schools COVID-19 cases number data

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The number of student and staff COVID-19 cases in Texas public schools will be updated each week. Beginning next week, it will include data by school district. TEA will link to the data from TEA’s COVID-19 website.

The TEA and DSHS required school districts to report COVID-19 cases on a weekly basis through an online form starting on Sept. 8.

The online form asks for all new COVID-19 cases in the previous week, whether each case involved a student, staff member, or other, and if the case was contracted on or off-campus. Information is submitted each Monday. Antibody tests, which indicate a previous infection, are not required to be reported.


DSHS says the data will "provide an overview of the burden of disease in Texas schools over time and inform public policy decisions about COVID-19."

Schools are still required to inform all parents, teachers, and campus staff of any positive cases tied to their on-campus instruction or activities.

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