Texas man held hostage by co-workers offered grilled cheese, police say

Grilled Cheese Sandwich for the Perfect Column (Photo By Dave Buresh/The Denver Post via Getty Images) 

They played hostess to their hostage, police said.

Four people in Texas allegedly committed possibly one of the strangest crimes, holding a man at gunpoint Sunday — then offering him a grilled cheese, according to police.

Jeremy Radford, 33, Thomasine Radford, 24, Jamison Nejezchleb, 26, and William Swan, 31, were arrested on charges of aggravated kidnapping. The victim and three of the suspects worked together, the Arkansas Pass Police Department said in a news release.

While holding the man at gunpoint, the suspects allegedly searched through his phone while "demanding answers to a work-related issue." The hostage incident "stemmed over alleged comments made by the victim about one of the coworkers," investigators said.

When the victim was released, he was reportedly offered "a grilled cheese sandwich for his troubles."

No description of the sandwich was given.