Texas State student asks FOX 7 for help with housing

A 19-year-old who got out of the foster care system now wants to get back in.

With no place to live, she reached out to FOX 7 in despair.

Chante Powell is a freshman at Texas State University and has been living in the dorms.

Now that summer is here, she has few options on where to stay.

In and out of foster homes since the age of six.

"I know for sure I was in kindergarten in this picture," says Chante Powell, previously in foster care system.

It's been a difficult situation for Chante Powell.

She didn't feel comfortable in many of the homes she stayed at and even claims to have been abused.

That's why Chante desperately wanted out of the foster care system.

At age 18 she was able to do that.

"I felt like I was ready to be independent. I wanted to go to college, I wanted to experience the normal life," says Powell.

Now all she wants is to get back in the system but it's not that easy.

In the meantime, she is left in a situation where she feels helpless.

"I can't provide for myself. I'm not able to you know, have the financial assistance to be able to do all these other things that I want to do. I want to get an apartment, get a car, get a license. I don't have a license," says Powell.

She just finished a freshman at Texas State University.

Tuition and fees are waived by the state.

Financial aid covered food and housing for the first year.

The tough thing was balancing everything on her plate.

"To be honest, I barely even know how to make a resume or a cover letter. So it's like the basic, simple life skills."

Then in May, Chante realized she could soon end up homeless.

Luckily a host family invited her to stay with them up until the end of the month.

They also took her in during Christmas break.

After that, she's on her own again.

"I won't have a place to stay at all whatsoever. So right now, at the moment, I'm looking for housing. I'm trying to find a place to stay," says Powell.

With no where else to turn, she contacted FOX 7.

We got in touch with the Department of Family and Protective Services, who then led us to Partnerships for Children.

It's an organization that works with youth currently in the system or aging out.

On Wednesday we introduced the executive director to Chante.

"Get her matched up with a mentor and get a plan of action for her. I am glad I have until July because honestly, that does give us some time to really fill out applications and look at some living options for her," Kori Gough, executive director, Partnerships for Children.

They are also getting in contact with her case-worker.

Gough says Chante's situation is something she see's often.

"If they do age out of the foster care system, very seldom do they make it through graduating college and being independent. The statistics are unbelivable. They'll either end up incarcerated, homeless or dead," says Gough.

Chante has beat the statistics; graduating from high school and getting into college.

"I've been able to do that which is a huge accomplishment now," says Powell.

She wants things to stay that way.

If you would like to help Chante, click here.