Texas State University Police addresses safety concerns after a rash of violent crimes

Texas State University Police are addressing safety concerns on campus after three violent incidents happened within the past two weeks.

Texas State Chief of Police Laurie Clouse said the rash in violent crimes is unusual. Two were armed robberies on campus. The suspects have not been caught. The third was the murder of Texas State freshman Aaron Jack Peterman who was found in his off-campus apartment with a single gunshot wound. Police have arrested two men in connection to his murder.

Texas State freshman Cramer Townsley said the incidents are alarming.

"It's kind of scary, I don't know how to act on it I guess cause it's close to home,” said Townsley. "I just think there needs to be security all times through the day because things happen at every point not just at night or whatever."

There are 41 officers on the force, Chief Clouse said the department plans to hire more staff in the near future.

Crime Statistics

According to the Texas State university's crime watch report for both campuses in San Marcos and Round Rock 2018 violent crimes have fluctuated throughout the years. 

Robbery was at its highest back in 2015 and reports of rape were at its highest in 2016.

Services Offered

The university offers Krav Maga classes to help teach self-defense. As well as Bobcat Bobbies, a service that helps escort students to their destinations after dark. 

Students can also use the Bobcat Guardian App it allows users to share their location with friends and family.