Texas State University Police arrests suspect in dormitory shooting

Shots were fired outside of a Texas State University dormitory Saturday night. University Police sent an alert to students after 2:30 p.m. stating they arrested a man who was firing outside of Angelina Hall.

Police said the suspect was a non-student who got in an argument that escalated, no injuries were reported.

University Communication released this statement in part:

“The incident remains under investigation and police are urging, as always, that if you see something, say something. Safety is our top priority, and the Office of the Dean of Students and residence hall advisors are working with students to ensure awareness of campus safety procedures and resources.”

Students said they were grateful for the University’s swift response yet some said they would have liked to receive the alert sooner rather than two hours later. "Like thank God nothing happened this time but I feel like there needs to be more protocol because of this," said freshman Ashley Perez.

Shauna Spikes a student parent at Texas State said she and her daughter received the email while they were in Houston and were hesitant to return back to school.

"She was concerned and nervous because of course we've had numerous school shootings that have ended terribly for everybody," said Spikes.

University Police have yet to identify the suspect.