Texas State University police investigating sexual assault on campus

Texas State University police say a suspect assaulted a woman inside the San Gabriel Hall dorm around 2:30 Thursday afternoon.

“It made me feel uncomfortable,” said Isabella Uceda, student.

Isabella Uceda lives in that hall. But she still trusts police will handle the situation.

“This campus is pretty safe. You just have to be careful,” said Uceda.

Police say the woman knew the suspect. They already have identified who it is, but police aren't releasing any more information at this time, citing the ongoing investigation. The news has some dorm residents, men and women perplexed.

“Their parents sent them here to be comfortable,” said Titus Randle.

Just earlier in October a man was accused of sexually assaulting a woman while he was on a work assignment with for the Bobcat Village apartment building. He was arrested and charged. Then in September there was an assault at Bexar Hall dormitory.

“It's happening more, like a lot. Like ever since the clown incidents,” said Titus Randle, student who lives in San Gabriel.

Randle feels there is something more police should do.

“Start patrolling more inside the dorms sometimes because we don't see them a lot, it's mostly the resident assistants. Sometimes you need the police to kind of enforce, so people know you can't do it here.

University police have answered that call. In a statement to Fox 7 they tell us they are increasing foot patrols at university housing complexes.
Also they just launched their bobcat guardian app this semester and they encourage students to use it.

“If you go out and you're scared to walk home or you don't feel safe you can call a bobcat bobby and they'll come pick you up,” said Uceda.

University police have turned the September assault over to Hays County. No word on the Thursday suspect's capture yet.