Texas: The Issue Is - Cornyn blasts Biden on border security, losing contact with migrant kids

The battle over border security flared brightly in recent days with Texas Governor Greg Abbott and State Troopers accused of employing brutal, anti-immigrant tactics and Senator John Cornyn calling out President Biden for losing complete contact with thousands of unaccompanied migrant kids.

Cornyn spoke with Greg Groogan of the Fox Texas Trio for this week’s edition of "Texas-The Issue Is".

Greg Groogan Fox 26: Senator Cornyn you have sounded the alarm about tens of thousands of immigrant children who have entered our country and simply vanished. What's happening and who is responsible?

Senator John Cornyn: During President Biden's Administration 300,000 unaccompanied children have been welcomed into this country and placed with sponsors. Some are relatives, some are not, but the Health and Human Services Department of the Office of Refugee re-location responsible for finding the sponsors and then calling at least 30 days after they are with the sponsors to check up on them. In 85,000 cases there was no response and no follow-up by the Department of Health and Human Services. The Biden Administration takes the position it's not their responsibility. It's the responsibility of Child Protective Services in the various states. It's completely irresponsible because we don't know whether these kids are going to school. We don't know whether their health care needs are being taken care of or whether they are being trafficked for sex or involuntary servitude. It's completely unacceptable.


Groogan: For these kids, who are potentially being victimized, this is a "Catch-22" - If they stay in their country of origin, the future is bleak and if they pay the price to come here they are rolling the dice and may well experience a different kind of hell. Agree?

Senator Cornyn: Open borders, such as the Biden Administration is tolerating with their policies means that this occurs in the hands of these trans-national criminal organizations, the cartels. They don't care anything about the people. All they care about is the money which is why they traffic in people, why they traffic in drugs and other contraband. But this is the consequence of the open Borders policy of this administration. Just because the numbers seem to be going down a little bit, they are still three times as bad as they were under the Obama administration. They are still terrible. About 3600 encountered at the border each day. It's not just the migrants. It's the drugs and the kids and the Biden administration doesn't seem to care.

SUGGESTED: Biden administration sues Texas governor over Rio Grande buoy barrier that’s meant to stop migrants

Groogan: This week the Biden Justice Department announced it was suing the State of Texas over its deployment of River barriers. How are you responding?

Senator Cornyn: These buoys, these barriers on the river, they only cover I think about a quarter of a mile. Joe Biden doesn't understand we have a 1200 mile common border with Mexico. These are tactical barriers being used to divert migrants so that the Border Patrol has a better chance of controlling the situation. Right now, they are overwhelmed because of the sheer mass of humanity coming across. It is a sick joke for the Biden administration not to do their job and then turn around and sue the State of Texas when the Governor and legislature try to do theirs.

Groogan: Amid a growing drumbeat for impeachment proceedings in the House, there was news of the controversial Hunter Biden plea deal falling apart. You are a former judge and Texas Attorney General, so I welcome your take on this.

Senator Cornyn: This initial deal was a sweetheart deal and it again confirms people's belief that there is a double standard of justice

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