Texas troopers arrest 15 in protests

State troopers arrested 15 people on Wednesday who were protesting in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also referred to as DACA. 

Texas is one of ten states that have asked the federal government to repeal the DACA program, which allows undocumented students to remain in the country while they are in school. 

The Texas Department of Public Safety says the people arrested were sitting in an intersection at 15th Street and North Congress, which is part of the capitol complex. 

Troopers say the protesters were asked several times to move, but they did not. They were taken to the Travis County Jail and are facing charges of obstructing a highway, a class B misdemeanor. 

The protesters, many of whom are DACA recipients, say they came from all over the country to stage a sit-in.

The Trump administration has not released a decision on plans for the DACA program yet.