The Hamster reveal on ‘The Masked Singer’ will blow you away

The sixth season of "The Masked Singer" continues to throw wild card reveals at the fans — and Wednesday night it came with another memorable reveal.

Legendary comedian Rob Schneider was revealed as The Hamster and it turns out he was a real "hamateur." 

"I always wanted to be a singer," Schneider said recalling in an interview that being a comedian made him more money. 

But the actor, known for his work on SNL, may have a shot at a singing career since he beat a Grammy award-winning entertainer. 

Last week, Three-time Grammy winner Ruth Pointer of the iconic American R&B group the Pointer Sisters was eliminated from the competition. 

It seems that Scheider’s rendition of the Roy Orbison classic "Oh, Pretty Women," was enough to surprise the audience and the panelists. 

But Schneider says the clues were there all along. 

"The clues were too easy," Schneider said. "Obviously it’s a comedian in here. Who else would be in a hamster outfit?"

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