The race for the Hutto City Council is still on

Election Day has come and gone, but and one race is still undecided in Williamson County.

The election for Hutto City Council, Place 6 may come down to just one vote.

As of Wednesday, Bettina Jordan has 255 votes and Tim Jordan has 254.

The Williamson County Elections Office said they are still expecting four overseas ballots and possibly some mail in ballots. Any remaining ballots must be in by Thursday at 5 p.m. Late ballots and overseas ballots that come in must have been postmarked by Election Day, May 7th.

A losing candidate may request a recount if the margin of defeat is 10 percent or less, which means this race would qualify. If the losing candidate in this race wants a recount, a petition must be submitted to Hutto City Council.
Electronic votes typically don't change and the flash card they are stored on will be reentered. Re-counters will determine voter intent on all mail in ballots, which in this case could potentially change the outcome of the race.

“Sometimes the way a machine reads a paper ballot can differ from the way a human can interpret or read a ballot and often times, when that's done, there can be differences between election night results in a race and a recount result,” said Williamson County Elections Administrator Christopher Davis.

The person requesting a recount must submit a deposit of $100 for each precinct. Hutto has four precincts and early voting is considered a separate precinct. That means in this race the petitioner must pay a $500 deposit in order to request a recount. That money is only repaid if the petitioner wins the recount.