They don't have this! Gifts for people who have everything

Have someone on your list who has everything or wants nothing? We’ve got you covered.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Crochet 


Relive the nostalgia and life lessons. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Crochet includes everything you need to knit together Mister Rogers, a second sweater, and a Daniel Striped Tiger finger puppet. Additional instructions show how to create other favorites from the wonderful Neighborhood of Make-Believe. Even the biggest fans won’t already have this! 

Newton X Figgy Play Couch


The Figgy is a raft on the high seas, a treehouse high in the sky, or a rocket ship to the moon. This play couch is anything and everything an imagination can create. Build your perfect Figgy! The Figgy includes four base cushions, two rectangles, and the option to add an extra wedge and separate waterproof liners.

Prett Rugged Faux Fur Blanket


Rain, wind, or chilly temperatures have met their match. This award-winning versatile piece features faux fur and innovative waterproof, windproof, washable RuggedTex nylon to keep you warm and dry year-round! With five vibrant colors, you can bring it with you to the field or stadium in its portable, waterproof duffel bag. 

S'mores by Terraflame 


The S’mores Roaster is easy to set up, light, extinguish, and store. Simply ignite the clean-burning gel fuel can for up to 3 hours of burn time. The gift set includes three cans of TerraFlame Pure Gel Fuel that can be lit, extinguished, and re-lit for several s’more roasting experiences. Additional gel fuel can easily be purchased separately. The design is elegant and sustainable. 

Smart Bidet


They don’t have it, but soon they’ll wonder how they lived without it. Smart Bidet does it all -- cleanses in either "posterior," "feminine" or "turbo wash" mode with on-demand hot water and temperature-controlled washing and heat drying. There's even a seat heater. The unit replaces your current toilet seat and lid and simply plugs into a wall outlet. It’s customizable, eco-friendly, and easy to use!

Gift Box Ornament Decorator 


This is the most fun way to make one-of-a-kind ornaments! The Gift Box Ornament Decorator allows both kids and adults to decorate up to six different style ornaments. This gift box-shaped decorator snuggly holds plastic ornaments for a totally new way to make hand-decorated keepsakes for the holiday tree. The decorator spins the ornaments while you press the included markers onto them, creating super bright and colorful stripes and designs! When the DIY fun is over, simply store the included markers in the drawer until next time! 

Geneverse Home Power Pro


Get up to seven days of essential power on a single charge! The Geneverse Home Power Pro will even run your fridge, saving you hundreds in spoiled food costs! A CPAP machine can be powered for 4 to 15 days, and a laptop will get 12 to 16 full charges. The Pros charge 6x faster than competing generators, and you can even use them to power your devices while you're recharging via solar panels for continuous and uninterrupted power. 

Book Book iPhone Case 


This is the most unique phone case for sure! BookBook is hand-finished out of full-grain leather that patinas over time and softens with age. Microfiber inside prevents scratching, while the separate magnetic case protects your iPhone with a raised exterior edge. It’s designed to replace your wallet and phone case. It also includes a detachable case, wallet, and hands-free stand mode to make viewing videos or FaceTime easy.

Sam and Jack Pet Portrait Gifts


Sam and Jack offers completely custom gifts for pet lovers in a rainbow of colors. Their incredibly talented artists will transform a favorite pet photo into a custom work of art, which can be framed or placed on a mug, pillow, tote bag, water bottle or phone case. You can customize it with color and text options too! From pillows to water bottles to tote bags and phone cases, this gift is as unique as they come! 

Fluid Horizon


Classic design and ultra-reliable, this all-around electric scooter is the perfect choice for urban transport. It comes with a 10.4Ah battery for 20 miles range or the larger 13Ah long-range battery that will last for 25 miles! Get this electric scooter in stylish black and check out the optional trolley wheels and carrying handle for even more versatility. They don’t have this, but they want it for sure!

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