Thousands of Houston-area residents still without power days after Nicholas

**EDITOR'S NOTE** The family featured in this story has had their power restored as of Thursday night, hours after this story aired.

Nicholas has come and gone but even days after Tuesday's storm, Houston area residents tell us they remain in the dark. 

CenterPoint Energy is continuing to work to get electricity restored, but across the city, around 29,000 people still don’t have power.

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Jamie Andrews, her husband Dwight, and their puppies Jake and Jill, for example, have mostly been popping outside of their Santa Fe home to cool off. They’ve been without power since Nicholas knocked out electricity Tuesday.

"We can’t decide if it’s good to have doors open or windows open or windows closed," explains Jamie Andrews.  "Everybody around us has it. Our neighbors across the street never lost it. We’ve been watching them just enjoy life." 

That’s the case for most of Houston. In taking a look at Centerpoint's Outage Tracker, Santa Fe has 140 people without power. 

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Mrs. Andrews adds a Centerpoint crew told her they’ve now pinpointed the problem on her street to one particular pole.

"Centerpoint said there are 20 houses on this strip that they’re working on," she explains. 

The Andrews borrowed a portable generator to power fans, a few lights. However, their fridge and freezer now sit empty after having to throw out their food but they do have a few things in their cooler. Did I mention they are also without water? 

"I haven’t had a bath. I haven’t had a real bath. My husband hasn’t had a real bath," Andrews says. "I think the worst thing is to sit here and watch everybody live their normal life."

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When will life get back to normal for everyone? According to Centerpoint some of the 29,000 residents still without power will have it restored late Thursday or Friday, but others could take a little longer.