Thousands rally for pro-life at capitol

One week after the 45th anniversary of Roe versus Wade, thousands of pro-life marchers filled the capitol steps advocating for an end to abortion.

Knights of Columbus from across the city, student-led religious groups and legislators rallied in front of the south steps. Lined in front of the capitol were pro-choice protestors, including the Texas Handmaids who symbolize reproductive women's rights.

Governor Greg Abbott share his story about his daughter’s adoption.

"Years ago, I held a little baby in my arms and months before that her mother had a talk to staff at an emergency pregnancy crisis center and after having a conversation with that staff the mother decided against abortion and decided to give her baby a chance at life," Abbott said.

Abbott spoke of the pro-life legislative milestones. In 2017 two bills were signed into law.

HB 214 limits insurance coverage for women seeking abortion.

HB 13 expands reporting on abortion complications.

Governor Greg Abbott also proclaimed January 22nd, the anniversary of Roe V. Wade, to be the “Sanctity of Life Day” in Texas.