Three arrested in July assault on teen at Rendon Park

Back in July, we heard the agonizing pain of a father who found out his son Isaiah was attacked by a group of teens. It happened at Edward Rendon Park during "Low Rider Sundays," a park family tradition.

Isaiah Berron spent weeks in the hospital dealing with a brain injury that his dad says could have killed him.  Eric Berron said his son is recovering well and is now beginning to talk again. 

"His journey is going to be a long journey but this is also an example of what can happen, what did happen and what will happen again if we don't make sure we continue to keep the park safe ," said Bertha Rendon-Delgado, president of the East Town Lake Citizens Neighborhood Association.

Austin police tell FOX 7 Austin, they made three arrests in the case. It's news that is welcomed by Rendon-Delgado, the granddaughter of the park's namesake.

"They had to be accountable for their actions. This has put a lot of pressure on the family and on the community because a lot of people felt scared to come. People didn't want to come over here anymore. It brought back memories when we had gang fights and people were doing shootouts. We don't want that," she said.

Rendon-Delgado said since the attack, things have quieted down at the park...and she even helped form a park planning team to work closely with park administration to improve safety.

"APD has been out here on Sundays patrolling, making sure there is no activity going on that's not supposed to. We are going to make sure security is upgraded, lighting is upgraded, and we find ways to make sure people feel safe out here," she said.

Rendon-Delgado continues to stand with the Berron family as Isaiah recovers, and she hopes the arrests can send a message, that the community will not tolerate violence at Rendon Park.