Traffic in Round Rock may worsen

Traffic in Central Texas never seems to let up, and as the area grows, it just keeps getting worse.

TXDot is trying to ease some of that congestion on two stretches of I-35 in Round Rock. But because of the construction, headaches could get worse before they get better.

Near I-35 and 1431, one of the stretches is getting a major overhaul with what TXDot calls an "Innovative Intersection."

"It now allows a free-flowing left turn so now you are no longer waiting at a traffic signal for the green arrow to turn left, you already have access to turn left because you're on that side of the roadway," explained TXDot Spokesperson Kelli Reyna.

Reyna says making the roadway into a Diverting Diamond Intersection cuts costs and eliminates more extensive construction. 

Construction on the frontage road project in Round Rock has been underway since last October. 

TXDot says the work's been taking place in the off-peak hours of 8PM through 5AM. Although they hope to have the lanes open by early 2016, they can't pave until it warms up, so they expect to have the project completely finished by summer.