Transgender woman speaks out after attack

Deloach came out of the apartment as planned, when she arrived.

“He said he would be right back. When he came back, his friend, brother cousin or whatever he is got in the car as well, and I was told he had a gun,” said Martinez.

Police said they made Stephanie drive to a separate nearby location where they beat and robbed her.

“[They] hit me in the side of the face, and hit me in the lip to give me the nice bruise I have today. It's why I have no dentures because they are broken or gone or wherever. Then they picked up a log and threatened to hit me in the head if I didn't give them the purse,” said Martinez.

The two got away with Stephanie's belongings. Rayshad Deloach's brother Raymond was later captured by the Lone Star Fugitive Task Force.

Rayshad turned himself in. They're charged with aggravated robbery and kidnapping, and police are not ruling out hate crime if the shoe fits.

“It clearly indicated from the texts with her that he knew she was transgender from the beginning. He  said his motivation for the attack was because the victim was transgender,” said Sgt. William White, Austin Police Department Robbery Unit.

“We are visible and we are gaining power and that puts a target on us,” said Martinez.

Martinez said she is thankful to be alive but thinks the current political climate isn't helping her situation.

“I think we are creating a culture of hate when they talk about transgender people and talk about us being men trying to go to the women's bathroom, it creates a culture like it's ok to hurt us,” said Martinez.