Trial underway for man accused in three murders

Tim Parlin entered court Wednesday and sat quietly as prosecutors continued building their case against him. Among those to testify was former lead detective Kerry Scanlon.

He connected Parlin to two burglaries in 2014 that ended in murder.

Parlin is accused of working with another man identified as Shawn Gant Benalcazar to burglarize the home of Kathy Blair and the home of Sidney and Billie Shelton. The jury was shown blood left behind in a jewelry box, bloody foot prints inside Kathy Blair's home and a night vision re-enactment of a car linked to Parlin that was seen near Blair's house.

Defense attorneys do not deny Parlin was at the crime scenes, but argue his partner did all of the killing. "It’s always been our belief that Shawn Gant Benalcazar acted on his own inside, went rogue, in his activities, Mr. Parlin had no idea what that man was going to do inside those homes. One of the things we saw in the first trial, that was so critical, was the confession tape by Shawn," said Defense attorney Keith Lauerman.

It is not known if Parlin's defense will introduce a controversial police interview used in the Benalcazar trial. The recorded interview with detectives came after Parlin told investigators about Benalcazar.

Initially Benalcazar denied any involvement in the murder of Kathy Blair but later confessed.

During his trial, last month, it was argued the confession was coerced, which lead to a mistrial.  Benalcazar's lawyers are now preparing for an October re-trail - and they're keeping a watch on whats said during Parlin's trial. Darla Davis says she is not sure if something will come out that will help their case. "We will have to wait and see, I'm going to try to sit through some of the testimony as much as I can but what is really going to be important is a copy of all of the witness’s testimony when the trial is over with," said Davis.

Parlin was linked to Kathy Blair because he once did yardwork at her house.

His connection to the Shelton’s was through his wife, who prosecutors say gave massages to Mrs. Shelton. He also had family members who went to church with the Shelton’s.

Testimony ended with Dow Kotrla, who provided home health care for Sidney Shelton.

She discovered the murder scene and called 911.

Kotrla told the jury she noticed something was wrong almost immediately when she arrived at the home.  The window blinds were closed and the door had been forced open.

Mr. Shelton was discovered beaten to death on his bed. Mrs. Shelton was found stabbed to death.