Tripp Halstead's family channels grief into goodness

The Halsteads continue to grieve for the loss of Tripp who passed away a little less than a month ago.

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Tuesday morning, Stacy Halstead posted a particularly touching photo of her last photo of Tripp with her mother.


"I don’t think Tripp could have loved her anymore than he did," she wrote. "And I don’t think Mom could have loved him more. They had an extremely special bond. We think Tripp decided his fight was over that night in Mimi’s arms. It was the most peaceful he had been in months."

Tripp passed away March 15 at the age of 7. Thousands rallied behind Tripp and his family as the little boy fought his way back from traumatic injury in 2012.

Stacy also explained in the post how they are channeling their grief into raising money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals by participating in the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend next February.

The move is a callback to the days just after the accident which injured little Tripp. The family and community formed Team Boom! to help offset medical expenses, but slowly branched out to help other children.

Stacy, her mother, and her best friend are all running in the half-marathon at Disney World. Within a day, they all had surpassed their fundraising goals, but will likely see even more donations in the weeks and months to come as the outpouring of love and support for the family continues.