Tropical Storm Bill causing Central Texas flooding concerns

As Tropical Storm Bill hits Texas, several inches of rain is expected in certain areas including Austin. This is causing concerns of flooding as many are still cleaning up after the Memorial Day flooding a few weeks ago.

In Austin, recently released surveillance video from inside Shoal Creek Saloon show the power of floodwater. Cameras show water rushing into the restaurant taking tables, chairs and even breaking through a wall.

The rain was so intense and heavy that Shoal Creek reached 21 feet and caused major flooding in the area. Now with the threat of Tropical Storm Bill looming, many home and business owners are bracing for more.

Emergency management officials are urging everyone to be prepared and have storm kits ready. suggests three steps:

  1. Make a plan and make sure all your family members know it.
  2. Build a supply kit with first aid supplies, food and water.
  3. Stay informed about storm activities.

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FOX 7 will be following Tropical Storm Bill and will have the latest both on air and online.