Trump impeachment rally remains peaceful except for one arrest

Saturday's Trump impeachment rally brought hundreds of people to the steps of Austin's City Hall. While there were those out to show support to President Trump, the vast majority were against him, 

"Mr. Trump is an immoral infant. He's the kind of person we've been warned about in philosophy and literature. He hates our values and he's taking us down a path to absolute disaster," said the event's organizer Bryan Register. 

Trump supporters who made their way out to the rally said they wanted to have their voices heard. 

"I support the president of the United States; I thinks he's doing the best for our nation. I think he's done some pretty good things so far in office. I think that he's helped the economy a lot. He's bringing jobs back to America," said James Everard.  

Austin police confirm one person was arrested when things got heated between sides.

Police said a Trump supporter took center stage interrupting organizers at the rally. He was wearing a 'Make America Great Again' cap.

A man from the crowd jumped out and snatched the red cap off the Trump supporter's head and took off running.  Soon after a chase ensued. 

According to police the man was quickly arrested. 

The crowd regained its peacefulness and the rally continued on. 

Keatha Falls came out with her friends to have her voice heard. 

"He needs to face justice also. He's continuing to hide from it and impeachment would mean that he would have to face justice just like everyone else," said Falls. 

From city hall, protesters marched to the Texas State Capitol for the celebration of Women's Rights. 

"We all need to go to the table and stop fighting over little things and look for what's best for the nation and the people and not just what's best for their party," said Everard.