Trump says San Francisco 'used to be a great city', Pelosi should focus on her own district

In a briefing Tuesday from the Oval Office, President Donald Trump lashed out at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Governor Gavin Newsom and California in general.

Trump told reporters San Francisco, "used to be a great city." 

"She should focus on her own district. Do you see what's happening in her own district? We call it tent city. It's terrible," Trump said. 

In the fiery, impromptu news conference, sitting next to the president of Finland, Trump railed against the San Francisco congresswoman. Trump attacked Pelosi for leading the impeachment inquiry saying she should worry more about her district's infrastructure. 

"We just sent a violation to the city of San Francisco. Unsafe water, unsafe conditions, environmental EPA, our EPA is doing a great job," said Trump. 

In an interview with ABC News, Pelosi said she believes the president is scared, so he's trying to divert attention.

In a letter dated on Wednesday, the EPA notified the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission of violations, including failure to operate sewage treatment facilities, creating public health risks. 

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera responded in a statement and said, "These attacks on San Francisco are a politically motivated ploy, nothing more. The Trump administration is ignoring facts and misusing the EPA to attack people it disagrees with." 

The president also name-called California's governor, alluding to a district court judge's decision to temporarily block a state law requiring presidential candidates to disclose five years of tax returns to appear on the primary ballot. 

"I was sued by him. He's a do-nothing...sued by him, so I can't get on the ballot in the State of California," Trump said in reference to Newsom. 

Newsom responded with a tweet, that said in part, "Feel bad for the poor president of Finland who had to endure that." 

In a response to a letter from the EPA last week, San Francisco Mayor London Breed said she was tired of the president taking swipes at the city for no reason other than politics. 

This story was reported from Oakland, Calif.