TSA at ABIA reminds fliers to 'carry on' patience

As travelers arrived and departed, security officials with the TSA displayed some of the items seized by screeners. "When you pack a check on bag, know what’s in it, don’t take a bag that’s been in the closet and start throwing clothes in it, so far in Austin in 2017 we've identified 30 handguns in carry on baggage and without exception every one said they forget it was in their bag,” said Mike Scott with the TSA.

Packing the wrong type of toiletries is typically the most common mistake that causes checkpoint delays.

“So this is allowable, this is good, quart sized bag, 3.4 oz. each container, one per passenger, not good, these are oversized ( gallon bags), they go into your checked bag,” said TSA Screener Gerald Davis.

Novelty items are also a big problem, like a bat replica from a popular zombie TV show recovered earlier this week. Prop guns, concealed knives, swords and even dummy explosives have been found in carry-on bags.

"You can mail this to yourself or mail it to your destination, I would recommend doing that, some items like knives can go through checked baggage,” said Davis.

The display caught the attention of frequent flyers Liz Evers and Carlos Munoz. "I thought it was stunning. It’s crazy. Yeah it’s crazy. We were joking this is like something funny going on, but it’s real,” said Munoz.

There is something that airport officials want you to bring on your flight, it’s your patience. So far this year there have been several cases of some ugly travel rage. Fights, outbursts and forcible evictions have occurred recently, many due to over-bookings and flights cancelations. 

An incident Thursday morning got Tammy Payton briefly stuck in Atlanta.

"Because our flight was delayed because we had a drunk guy on the plane. You try to push it out of the back of your mind. Try not to worry about it and hope and pray that when you get on a flight you don’t come across anyone that’s going to be belligerent or try to fight or anything like that,” said Payton.

Officials at ABIA are expecting to have a record-breaking summer travel season and with more taking off the odds increase that someone could go off. "It can be frustrating when your flights are canceled so it’s important to remain patient and keep calm, I know it’s frustrating, we have a contingency plan between the airport and the airlines you will be taken care of y may not get on the exact same plane you were expecting to be you will be taken care of,” said ABIA spokesperson Jim Halbrook.

So remember - pack smart, relax and try to leave you travel anxiety at home.

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