Tucker vape store employee fired after confrontation with Trump supporter

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A clerk at a Tucker vape store has been fired after a heated confrontation with a Trump supporter inside the store.

Ian Fergeson is a big supporter of President Donald Trump. He wears a Trump hat and a Make America Great Again T-shirt.

It's his public display of support for the president that sparked a nasty "caught on camera" confrontation at the Tucker shop.

Video posted to YouTube by Fergeson shows an employee at the Xhale City taking offense with Ferguson's MAGA gear.

In the video, the clerk screams that President Trump is a treasonous racist, and refuses to sell Fergeson the items he's looking for.

"Leave the store," the clerk shouts as Fergeson asks to purchase some vape juice.

The profanity-laced video quickly went viral on social media.

Fergeson says since posting the video online he's been directly contacted by the owners of Xhale City, who apologized for the way he was treated and assured him the clerk has been fired.

In a Facebook post, the store says that it does not tolerate the employee's behavior and "fired him immediately."

"We value our clients and treat them with respect and dignity, regardless of their political views," the store said.