Two suspects in Williamson County gun store robbery arrested

In a multi-agency operation on October 19, authorities were able to arrest 17-year olds Tony Moore, and William Baker for breaking into Blackland Gun Works in Williamson County and stealing between 10 to 15 guns.

The two were arrested in Manor with four of the guns in their car. Authorities are still looking for the four others involved. This is the second time within a month, Blackland Gun Works has been burglarized.

“I've never received any message or alert from the ATF,” said Michael Cargill, owner of Central Texas Gunworks.

Although it happened in a rural part of Highway 79 just near Hutto, a gun store burglary affects all area gun shops. Cargill says he didn't get any alert about stolen guns when the incidents happened.

“The ATF is supposed to send out an alert to the owners in the area to let us know a gun store had been broken into, what firearms had been stolen,” said Cargill.

Cargill said there is no way for him to know what customers are bringing him

“If have a gun they want us to work on, clean it, fix it, buy it from them, there's no way for us to verify that gun has been stolen,” said Cargill.

Law enforcement says there's no telling what criminals will do with stolen guns. That can include, selling them, or just using them for further criminal activity. Cargill said this is another wake up call, and store owners need to do one thing with their guns.

“Lock them up. Take them off the wall, hide the gun cases and put them in a safe,” said Cargill.

Installing gates, bars, and a trusted alarm system also helps. What happened at Blackland can happen anywhere. Cargill said for his store, it's not a matter of if, but when.

“You're just going to break in, tear up my place, and all the guns are locked up,” said Cargill.