Two teens stabbed following fight between several teens, adult on CapMetro bus in North Austin

Two teens were stabbed on a Capital Metro bus in North Austin following a fight.

According to Austin police, there were around 15 to 20 teens on the bus who had just got out of middle school. The fight between several of them and an adult started inside the bus, spilled outside, and then returned to the bus.

"It escalated quickly, the adult male then pulled out an object which appeared to be a knife to defend himself,” said Sgt Shane Duprey with APD.

According to police, two of the students on the bus were stabbed near Payton Gin Road and Pointer Lane in North Austin.

“There was a lot of juveniles outside the bus and from earlier reports a bunch of juveniles were involved. It's unclear at the time who stabbed who or what had happened," said Duprey.

Duprey said things took a turn when an adult man entered the bus.

"Not sure who asked them but it sounded like the bus driver asked them (the teens) to move back, the adult male on the bus also told them to move back, then a fight broke out not sure who started it at this time,” said Duprey.

The fight between the adult and several of the teens spilled outside the bus.

“He was surrounded by juveniles, again it's still under investigation so it's not clear what actually happened," said Duprey.

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It's at this time the driver tried to take action.

“The bus driver saw the fight outside was starting to escalate and saw they were really getting into it so he brought the adult male back on the bus. The juveniles then began attacking the bus to get to him,” said Duprey.

Several of the windows were broken on the bus. Police then report the fight escalated even more.

"The adult male then pulled out an object which appeared to be a knife to defend himself,” said Duprey.

Two of the teens and the adult were injured and many of the teens fled the area. The adult stayed on scene to talk to police. Police report all injuries in the incident are minor. 

As the investigation is still ongoing no charges were filed as it's still unclear how this fight exactly started. FOX 7 was told some of the teens are working with police. They also have video from the bus as well as cell phone video which will help shed light on how this all started.