TxST students stage sit-in demanding the resignation of student body president

Texas State students occupied the LBJ Student Center Wednesday evening after student government failed to hold an impeachment trial.

There was not enough senators present to hold a quorum and now students are looking towards administration to remove TxSt senior Connor Clegg from office.

More than 1,000 students signed a petition to remove Clegg from office.TxST senior Rudy Martinez wrote an Oped that garnered controversy. Martinez said Clegg called for his resignation and to defund the student newspaper. Allegations Clegg began to snowball after students claim he posted insensitive racial comments on social media.

Clegg's case was presented to the student supreme court and the court ruled against the Clegg's impeachment. The ruling was overturned by the Dean of Students and the trial's schedule was given a ten day window. 

Preston Nieve, Senator At large said he was disappointed with the senators absences.

"We have to be able to represent the student body this is where we face country for some questions I know this was a controversial question and I know that both sides feel very strongly about it there's been a lot of here discussion a lot of you to debate but when all is said and done we have a job we have an obligation to come together and answer the question" said Nieve.

Students staged a sit-in at the LBJ Center making a list of demands. Tafari Robertson, student activist safari Robertson released this statement on behalf of students present during the sit-in.

"What we have agreed upon is that Connor Clegg represents the lack of cultural competency
that plagues the leadership of this university overall and his removal is the least that can be
done. Until this demand is met, we will be occupying the LBJ Teaching Theatre."

Multiple on-campus police were present. The Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Joanne Smith said staff and faculty will continue to work with students on this issue.